Our Vision

Virtual environments, done well, can save money, allow flexibility for job and family responsibilities, and remove barriers to educational and professional success.

Dr. Laura McLaughlin, Co-Director

Dr. Joanne Ricevuto, Co-Director

The Center for Virtual Instruction seeks to provide relevant, researched, current information and practices aimed at education and training professionals in all aspects of virtual instruction.

We focus on both research and instruction with emphasis on actionable tools and practices, and we are building a network of partners skilled in online teaching and pedagogy, always with a goal to build and share knowledge and skill.

The Pandemic Didn’t Start Virtual Instruction

We all see how critical virtual instruction and online engagement has become during the pandemic. The need for engaging virtual environments did not start with the pandemic and it will not go away when things are “back to normal.”

Our experience shows that there are too many benefits to virtual formats to think that going “back to normal” would be best for learning, collaboration and engagement.

We provide one-on-one coaching, webinars, mentoring, professional development and training, individual and group instruction, research and resources catered to the virtual instruction environment.

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We offer instruction in a virtual context to demonstrate and model the tools and techniques for engaging and fun virtual instruction!

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