Our Book is Available – Get 20% Off!

Looking for a toolkit for online education or virtual instruction?

We are SO excited to share with you the many tools and techniques we’ve learned as we’ve gained experience in virtual instruction. If you’re looking for differentiated education practices aligned to the virtual or online education environment, we believe you’ll be on your way with all we’ve packed into this book and through the many links and QR codes we’ve jammed inside.

Get your copy on Amazon or direct from our publisher, Stylus. For free shipping AND 20% off, use code ENGVE20 on your Stylus order.

It’s hard to imagine an area where virtual instruction ISN’T a necessary skill, and we know there are virtual instructors in every aspect of human life, so we’ve addressed online learning environments for education, community building, adult learning, and strategic planning. The perspectives range from student to instructor to leadership. Whether you are a content designer or just someone who loves to share your knowledge and help others, there are tools here to help you be your best at online learning and collaboration.

Here are the 7 chapters:

  • Virtual Instructor as Decision Maker and Facilitator
  • Virtual Instructor as Community Builder and Supporter
  • Virtual Instructor as a Team Builder, Learner, and Collaborator
  • Virtual Instructor as a Course Designer and Student Engager
  • Virtual Instructor as a Content Expert and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Virtual Instructor as a Project Planner and Assessor
  • Virtual Instructor as a Lifelong Learner and Knowledge Sharer

And there’s a huge appendix filled with QR codes and links to 50 tools for everything we talk about.

We are REALLY psyched to get this book in your hands, so let us know how you like it and how YOU engage virtual environments!





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