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Virtual Session on synchronous learning

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Our role as faculty often shifts in a virtual environment to one of facilitator, coach, and guide, and this shift can be challenging to both faculty and students.

We custom tailor sessions to a range of needs.

All sessions include a live, interactive, recorded (optional) presentation with discussion and opportunities to ask questions or share ideas and strategies.

Here are samples of recent sessions.

Assessment in a Virtual World: How do we know our students are learning in a virtual world?

This session includes tips and strategies for ways to measure student learning while keeping students engaged.

Some of the strategies include:

  • formative assessment
  • creative ways to assess virtually
  • virtual assessment tools
  • integrating high impact practices in the virtual environment such as project and service learning assessment.
Tools to Engage Learners

We discuss the use of tools, activities, and other techniques to engage learners.

We also gather ideas from our colleagues, while using some of these fun online tools, too!

Questions we ask and discuss include:

  • Feeling challenged in your new online teaching environment?
  • What can we do differently?
  • What new tool or activity will you use to actively engage your students in your synchronous or asynchronous sessions?
  • How can you share content with your students asynchronously to enhance their learning?
  • How can we support each other and foster collaboration, together as faculty as well as with our students to make learning more effective and engaging?
Synchronous/Asynchronous Ways to Enhance Virtual, Face to Face, & Blended Teaching That Engages Students

Collaboration doesn’t stop when a course moves online. We talk about opportunities to collaborate with one another online!

In this session, we discuss, collaborate, and share quick tips to engage our students virtually using synchronous and asynchronous sessions, free emerging technology tools, and student to student collaboration techniques.

We focus on two key areas:

  • Activities using breakout rooms
  • Ways you can keep the conversation and collaboration going in your online class 

During these collaborative sessions, you will have an opportunity to share favorite tools or strategies you use to engage your students and hear ideas from your colleagues on what they use.

High Impact Practices

Research has supported the use of high impact practices for deeper learning and engagement.

  • How can we integrate these high impact practices effectively in a virtual environment?
  • How can virtual high impact practices remove barriers for our students and ourselves?

We’ll discuss how others have done this and using eService and community based projects as well as virtual exchanges to support diversity and intercultural experiences.

We share ideas and resources so that we can effectively deepen the learning in our virtual environments!

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